Setting up Daasity Audiences for Klaviyo Profile

Setting up Daasity Audiences for Klaviyo Profile Update

Looker customers can turn their Looker instance into a Customer Data Platform using Daasity Audiences. Audiences allows Looker users to take a list of customers comprised of any attributes in the database and push it to marketing platforms like Klaviyo, Facebook (coming soon) and more. Lists can be scheduled to refresh daily, weekly or monthly on the day and time of your choosing.

There are three stages to properly setting up Daasity Audiences:

  1. Create the list in Looker
  2. Create the Audiences Integration in the Daasity app
  3. Schedule the list

Creating the List in Looker


NOTE: Always send a lowercase email address when updating a Klaviyo audiences target.

First, we need to create the list of customers that you want.

  1. Navigate to your Looker instance. 
  2. Create the list of customers, with their emails, you wish to push into another platform.
    • The Customer Email dimension can be found in the Customer View.
Setting up Daasity Audiences for Klaviyo Profile Update - Looker
  • Include the Dimension(s) that defines the group of customers. 
  • Determine how frequently you would like the list updated.
    • Is this a one-time bulk load?
    • Daily?
  • Pending how frequently you'd like it updated, set a Date Filter to reflect this, i.e., for Daily updates, use the last 1 complete day.

    Setting up Daasity Audiences for Klaviyo Profile Update - Filters
  • Add additional criteria as both a Filter (if filtering for specific attributes in a dimension) and a column in the data table. In this example, we are filtering on Last Order Mktg Channel.

    Setting up Daasity Audiences for Klaviyo Profile Update - More Filters
  • Change the Visualization Type to Table and turn off row numbers.

    Setting up Daasity Audiences for Klaviyo Profile Update - Visualization

  • Now, download the data as an excel file to ensure you have the correct field names for the integration.
  • SAVE the Look with a name you will recognize, you will need it later to create the schedule.

Create the Audience Integration

  • In the Daasity App, navigate to Integrations > New Integration.
  • Scroll down until you find Daasity Audiences and choose Klaviyo: Update Profile.
Setting up Daasity Audiences for Klaviyo Profile Update - Audience
  • Give your integration a specific name that you will recognize. You will need this later to schedule.
  • Add the API Key by following the instructions on screen.
  • Map the fields from Looker to the field in Klaviyo.
    • The Source field name should exactly match the dimension column(s) from the excel you downloaded from the Look.
    • The corresponding Destination field must match exactly to the field name in Klaviyo, if a field exists already; if no field exists, you may name it what you wish.

      Setting up Daasity Audiences for Klaviyo Profile Update - Data Field Mapping

    • Click Create

Schedule the List

  • Navigate back to the Look you created in Looker
  • Click the gear icon and then click Schedule...
    1. Name your Scheduled Report.
    2. Choose Klaviyo: Update Member Profiles.
    3. Choose the Update Action from the dropdown.
    4. Select the schedule you would like list to be updated and delivered to Klaviyo.
    5. Save.

Audiences FAQ

Q: Why don't I see the Klaviyo Options in Looker's scheduling tool?

A: Contact to have this product enabled in your account.


Q: I don't see the information in my member profiles in Klaviyo

A: New fields that are created In the integration are found in the profile's right-hand rail towards the bottom


Q: Is there a fee to use Daasity Audiences?

A: Yes, contact for more info.


Q: Why didn't profiles update at the scheduled time?

A: Most likely, your scheduled time conflicts with the time our data processes are running overnight. Change the time to be 6am or later and check again. If this does not resolve the issue, contact