Dashboard: Shipstation

Integrating Shipstation's order management and shipping software with Daasity gives merchants additional shipping and fulfillment analytics

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Dashboard Description

ShipStation is an order management and shipping software company that is designed to help retailers become more efficient at processing, fulfilling and shipping their e-commerce orders. The Shipstation integration allows merchants to pull shipment cost into the Daasity order data models to calculate gross margin with shipment cost deducted. The integration  also allows merchants to analyze pending orders aging to help with supply chain management. Finally, this integration provides merchants with a holistic view of existing shipping carriers distributions, and allows for comparison of shipping speed efficiency and shipping cost efficiency.

Proper analysis of the Shipstation dashboard can help answer the following questions:

  • Are there any specific products or specific regions with a large number of outstanding shipments?  
  • How long after a customer places their order is that order shipping?  Long times between order and ship dates can signal an issue with fulfillment.
  • Are any shipping carriers showing longer than expected transit times?  This information can help you optimize your delivery times by routing shipments to specific carriers.


The Shipstation integration / transform code will ONLY work if the order_key in Shipstation is set to the same value as the order_id from Shopify.  If these two fields do not match then the transform code will not be able to join the orders from Shipstation with the orders from Shopify which will result in the Shipstation dashboard being blank.

The Shipstation Dashboard contains the following sections:

Orders Counts: top level summary of shipments  (Looks: Count of Orders Shipped; Count of Orders Outstanding).

Products Shipping Details: integrates Shipstation data with products data from the BSD that summarizes product shipments details   (Looks: Top 10 Products Shipped; Top 10 Product Outstanding).

Shipstation Integration and Dashboard

Zip Code Details: Helps merchants understand which areas receive the most shipments and if there are specific geographies that consistently have outstanding shipments  (Looks: Top 10 Zip Codes Shipped to; Map of Outstanding Shipments).

Shipstation Integration and Dashboard - Zip Codes


Shipping Efficiency: Provides an overall understanding of pending orders aging info (Looks: Average Days Between Order Paid and Order Shipped; Top 10 Slowest Order to Shipment SKUs).

Shipstation Integration and Dashboard - Efficiency


Shipping Carriers Comparison: allows merchants to compare and evaluate rationality of carrier distribution by looking at shipping speed and cost (Looks: Count of Shipments by Shipping Carriers; Average Days in Transit by Shipping Carriers).

Shipstation Integration and Dashboard - Comparison



The Shipstation Dashboard requires that you have the Shipstation integration installed in Daasity. Also note that your order_key in Shipstation must be set to the same value as the order_id from Shopify.  If it is not then the dashboard will be blank.


# of Orders Shipped

# of Orders Outstanding

Shipment: Top 10 Products

Outstanding Shipments: Top 10 Products

Top 10 Zip Codes Shipped To

Map of Outstanding Shipments

Avg Days Between Order Paid and Order Shipped

Top 10 Slowest Order to Shipment SKUs

Shipments by Shipping Carrier

Avg Days in Transit by Shipping Carriers

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