Dashboard: Shopify Sales Report

The Shopify Sales Report will match the Sales Over Time report in the Shopify UI

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Dashboard Description

The Shopify Sales Report Dashboard contains one visualization, a table that matches the numbers found in the Shopify Sales Over Time report exactly

Shopify Sales Report Dashboards


Time Dimension of Report

You’ll find the Total for the period at the bottom of the table. This dashboard is at the daily level. To change the time frame, simply edit the Filter at the top of the report.  

To view a different time dimension, such as by month: 

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the tile. 
  • Select Explore from Herunder ‘Tile Actions’.
  • Replace the Transaction Date with the timeframe you would like, such as Transaction Month. 
  • Add a Transaction Date Filter if needed, for example, the past 12 Months. 



The number of transactions that occurred on a given date. This does not include orders that only contain giftcards.  

Gross sales 

Equates to product price x quantity (before taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns) for a collection of sales. Canceled, pending, and unpaid orders are included. Test and deleted orders are not included. 


  • Equates to line item discount + order level discount share for a collection of sales. 
  • The total dollar value reduction applied to a sale in the form of discounts on products, collections, or entire orders. 
  • Discounts that are applied to an entire order are proportionally applied to the sales for the order. 
  • All discounts are applied before taxes. 
  • Discounts are created using discount codes, not the compare at price. 


The value of goods returned by a customer. 

Net sales 

Equates to gross sales - discounts - returns


Equates to shipping charges - shipping discounts - refunded shipping amounts


The total amount of taxes based on the orders. 

Total sales 

Equates to gross sales - discounts - returns + taxes + shipping charges
Total sales will be a positive number for a sale on the date that an order was placed, and a negative number for a return on the date that an order was returned. 



Shopify recently changed the Sales Over Time report to include Duties.  As of 01.20.22, Daasity is actively working on ingesting this new data and adding it to our data models and reports.


Q: What currency is the report in? 

A: The report is in the currency specified in the merchants Daasity account.  Note that if you have multiple Shopify stores integrated with Daasity and they display different currency values, this report will still only show data in the currency specified in your Daasity account.


Q: What time-zone is the report in? 

A: The time-zone will match the time zone specified in your Daasity account

Q: How can I look at individual orders?

A: Go to Tile Actions -> Explore from here. This will open up the Shopify Sales Report explore. Here you can add in either order id (the Daasity order id), store order id (order id from Shopify) or order code (order name in Shopify). 

Q: What if the numbers don’t match the Shopify report?

A: If all measures are slightly off, the likely cause is that the Looker Shopify Sales Report is incorrectly converting time zone for your account. Other issues might include the inclusion of Duties (see above).  Please reach out to Daasity support and someone on our team will investigate and quickly roll out a fix.



The Shopify Sales Report requires that you have a Shopify integration with Daasity.


Shopify Sales Report

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