Dashboard: Site Funnels

Understand where customers are dropping off in your checkout funnel

Key Topics

This Dashboard is built using the Shopping Stage Explore  which incldues Both Google Universal Analytics and GA4 data.


Dashboard Description

The Site Funnel Dashboard provides a breakdown of customer shopping stages per device, type of customer (New/Returning), and Channel of Acquisition. This dashboard illustrates the journey customers take from visit to becoming a transaction and can help you diagnose where conversion issues are occurring on your site.

Proper analysis of this dashboard can answer the following questions:

  • If conversion is falling, at what stage of the funnel are you seeing this dropoff?
  • Are there conversion differences between mobile and desktop visitors at specific stages of the checkout process?
  • How do visitors from different channels convert in the checkout process?  Are there specific channels that have a low conversion rate?  Note that improving conversion rates can create significant gains in marketing efficiency.


In this dashboard we track the 5 primary stages to a site funnel:

  1. Site Visit (All sessions)
  2. Product View (View of a product page)
  3. Add to Cart (Customer has added at least one item to their cart)
  4. Enter Checkout (Customer has entered the checkout process with an item in their cart)
  5. Transaction (Customer places an order)

Note that Google Analytics provides other stages of the funnel, however we do not include them here as they do not add necessary context to diagnose where an issue is occurring in your checkout process.


The Site Funnel Dashboard has two sections:


Mobile vs Desktop And New Users vs Returning Users

Mobile/Desktop Site Funnel - The Mobile and Desktop Site Funnel tiles show the customer's journey by device type. The visualizations are designed to show how fast the number of visitors decreases as you get closer to the transaction phase. The tiles include both a raw number and a percentage to show the amount of customers you're keeping.

New/Returning Visitor Site Funnel - These tiles show the difference between New and Returning customer stages. Do customers you've seen before have higher transactions? Is there a drop off from new customers after product view? These tiles help identify which shopping stage needs optimization.


Conversion Rate and Funnel Stages By Channel

The Overall Conversion by Channel visualization breaks down the total conversion percentage by Modified Last Click Channel, based on your unique business rules you've entered into Channel Mapping.

The other three visualizations break down the conversion rates at three specific stages of the funnel by the Modified Last Click Channel for visitors.


Focusing on specific pieces of the funnel can allow you to target different strategies to improve your conversion rates.  Here are a few ideas and questions you should ask for conversion issues at different stages:


All Visits to Product Page View

  • Are your ads directing visitors to the appropriate products?  Do the landing pages contain the same products in the ad and at the same prices?
  • Are products prominently displayed on landing pages and the home page?
  • Think about testing strike prices.


Product View to Add To Cart

  • Are Add to Cart buttons clear?  Think about testing different colors / designs / placements


Enter Checkout to Transaction

  • Is your checkout process as seamless as possible?  The fewer steps, the better.
  • Are you displaying additional fees once customers get to the checkout screen?  Adding in additional shipping / handling or other fees at the final step can kill conversion.  Test removing them or showing them earlier in the checkout process.



You must have a Google Analytics integration to have the Site Funnels dashboard.  In addition, channel-level metrics depend on the data in the Channel Mapping BSD; if that is not filled out then the channel level visualizations may be misleading.


Mobile Site Funnel

Desktop Site Funnel

New Visitor Site Funnel

Returning Visitor Site Funnel

Overall Conversion by Channel

% Conversion All Visits to Product Page View

% Conversion Product View to Add To Cart by Channel

% Conversion Checkout to Transaction by Channel

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