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Integration Setup: Snapchat

Connect your Snapchat Account to Daasity.

  • Navigate to the Daasity app: daasity.com
  • Under Data Sources, click on Integrations. On the integrations page, click on the New Integration button in the upper right hand corner.
Snapchat Integration Setup
  • In the New Integrations page, click on the Ads & Marketing Spend section and click on the Snapchat Integration.
Snapchat Integration Setup - Ads
  • On the Snapchat Integration Setup screen, enter in a name for the integration ([Your Company Name] Snapchat is preferred).
Snapchat Integration Setup -Setup
  • To authorize Daasity to pull data from your Snapchat account you must click the Authorize button and provide credentials for your Snapchat account.
Snapchat Integration Setup - Authorize
  • Once you enter the credentials and are taken back to the Daasity app, click the Create button in the upper right hand corner and your integration setup will be complete.
  • You can now load history for your Snapchat integration from the Integrations page of the Daasity App.