Time on Books (TOB)

How to Read TOB

When a customer makes their first purchase, they are considered to be in TOB 0. TOB 0 is just the date of the first purchase.

The day after their first purchase, a customer is waiting to be placed in TOB 1. 

Each TOB is a period of 30 days, therefore the customer is not officially in TOB 1 until the 31st day from their initial purchase.

Then the next 30 day period moves that customer to TOB 2. This continues in 30 day increments for the entire time the person is a customer.

Helpful Tips:

  • When looking at a TOB chart, unless filtered by a very specific group of customers, remember that the values in each TOB contain information from all customer who have been in that TOB. This means that the number of cohorts in each cohort will be different.
  • If a TOB has too few customers in it, it can make results unreliable. If results appear strange, click "Explore from Here" to see how many customers are in the TOBs
  • Because each TOB is 30 days, the results will not exactly match monthly totals.