How PRO V1 handles timezones:

When we set up your account, we set the timezone in the Daasity application.

So the data flow:

Data - Looker - Daasity - 

Even though you see the timezone being Los Angeles, it's then being converted to a user-set timezone by the Looker.

For example:

Your Daasity account is set to EST - we are converting your data to EST, despite the reference in the upper right side of your dashboards that indicates the dashboards are in PST.

At this time, we cannot change the dashboard view setting on an individual account basis, however, this setting only affects what you see in the dashboards for 3 hours per day (Nighttime)

The data in the data warehouse is set to EST, since the dashboards are in PST, the only time of the day that the dashboards wouldn't have the information updated is ONLY for the prior day's results from midnight to 3 am EST. 

How PRO V2 handles timezones:

The code converts the UTC based on the application setup.

If 5 PM in San Diego = it's tomorrow in UTC.

The user timezone needs to be set. You have to set it if you need to filter on the last complete day.

It runs queries on the database, which is set to UTC.

For example:


  • V2 code employs the User level timezones in Looker
  • You will notice a timezone in the upper right corner of dashboards that display the timezone in which the query or dashboard was created, which is almost always going to be America / Los Angeles
  • This setting ONLY affects data when using the last X complete days filter AND if the timezone that a merchant is enough hours ahead of that it is now the next day for the merchant, but not in PST
  • If that is the case, the timezone can be changed to the merchant timezone and the dashboard would update accordingly.