Unified Notification Schema (UNS)

We've all had the experience of downloading several spreadsheets and trying desperately to combine the data and metrics from different source systems.

It's unavoidable in today's world, but Daasity is here to help minimize it as much as we can!

That's where our Unified Schemas come into play. Unifying data from multiple systems for you, so you can get right to the results & outcomes.

Our Unified Notification Schema does just that. It takes key metrics that are common across ad platforms and combines them into one table or schema in your data warehouse.

Before the rise of text messages, push notifications and more, a simple email provider was all you needed. Now, increasingly brands are using several partners to reach their customers and needed a way to aggregate this data, which is why we built our UNS.

What Data is used in UNS?


Lists Types of lists
Contacts Lists Includes subscribe/unsubscribe info
Contacts/Unique Contacts Distinguishes overlap across platforms based on email address & phone number
Events When and type of event
Impressions (sms)  
Activity Classification Bounce, Click, Open, Unsub, Spam
Product Purchase Info Product & Order detail resulting from Campaign or Automation

How To Find It

UNS is the data driving the Notifications Explore and Dashboard in your Daasity / Looker instance for Growth and Pro 2.0 merchants with an active Daasity subscription.

What Notification Platforms Do you Support for UNS?

Check out the integrations page of our website for the latest and greatest info on data sources we extract from.

ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)