Welcome to the Daasity Knowledge Base - 2021.06.28

An introduction to the Daasity Knowledge Base and what to expect

Daasity Update - 2021.06.28

Welcome to the new Daasity Knowledge Base where we will have information on a variety of topics that should help you in your journey to leverage your data.

  • Welcome to Daasity - a great place to get started and learn how to setup integrations and navigate the Daasity App
  • Daasity Platform - the biggest section with information on our Brand Supplied Data (BSD), Dashboards, Reports, Explores, Views, Audiences and basics on how Daasity works.  This is the place to look for most answers to using Daasity
  • Technical Documentation - interested in learning more about the details of Daasity?  This section will give you info on the Transformation code, Extractors and Targets
  • Learning Center - want to learn more about eCommerce or terms.  Look here for great general info and other places to learn
  • FAQ - Got a question?  Our team answers most questions here through our Frequently Asked Questions
  • New & Updates - Keep track on the latest new from Daasity and new or changes to functionality