Using Calendar Pivots Dimension

*Before using this feature, we'd recommend familiarizing yourself with Calendar Date Dimensions.

Dassity makes comparisons easier by creating "Pivots" alongside your Calendar Dimensions. Pivots enable comparisons of a data set between common time periods (ex. last week, last year, etc).

  • Under the Calendar drop-down, there's a list of 'Pivots'.

    Using Calendar Pivots Dimension

These Dimensions make the time ranges selectable without using traditional date filters. In the example, we're going to use '2 - Pivot by Week.'

Before Selecting your Dimension, you probably have a Measure in mind. We'll use 'Gross Sales' for this example. 

  • After selecting your Measure, Click to highlight the Dimension, then click the 'Filter' button.

Using Calendar Pivots Dimension2

  • You can select the periods by double clicking the empty field (white box) to the right of the Calendar 2 - Pivot by Week is equal to box.

    Using Calendar Pivots Dimension3
  • The options for all Pivots are Current Time Period (ex. This Week), Previous Period (Last Week), and Same Period Last Year. In the image below, we've selected all three.

    Using Calendar Pivots Dimension4


  • 'This Period' means 'to date' by default (WTD, MTD etc). 
  • Each pivot period will look for the SAME period, either prior or last year. For example, if you chose This Month, the results will show MTD (current period) and MTD of the prior period for an even apples to apples comparison. 
  • The Week and Month Pivots utilize the retail calendar to ensure the same number of weekends and weekdays as well.
  • You can dive deeper into each period with other Dimensions ( filtering by SKU, Order Flags etc.)
  • Using the 'Pivot' button (left of Filter button) allows a side by side comparison in the table. It can also paint a better picture with the visualization by separating period by color (below). 

    Using Calendar Pivots Dimension5
    Using Calendar Pivots Dimension6