View: Email & SMS Campaign Info

This article will help you learn about the fields available in the Email & SMS Campaign Info view, the field types, descriptions and how the fields are calculated

Key Topics

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View Definition

This view is linked to the [uns.campaigns] table which generated as part of the Daasity transformation process and has the following fields available/visible for use.


Field Name Field Type Description Source / Calculation
Created Date Dimension Group The date the campaign / automation was created created_at
Send Date Dimension Group The date the campaign was sent (first send if an automation) send_date
Automation Position Dimension Position within this notification automation automation_position
Campaign Name Dimension A name for this campaign. If not specified, this will default to the subject of the campaign. campaign_name
Campaign Status Dimension Campaign Status ie. Sent, Cancelled campaign_status
Campaign Type Dimension Type of this campaign ie. A/B Content, Batch, Regular, Timezone campaign_type
Email/SMS Platform Dimension Identifies where the data for this campaign came from (i.e. which Email/SMS Provider) uns_source
From Email Dimension The email address your email will be sent from and will be used in the reply-to header. from_email
From Name Dimension The name or label associated with the email address you're sending from. from_name
Message Type Dimension Determine if the send comes from email or SMS message_type
Send Type Dimension Indicates if the send is an automation or a campaign send_type
Subject Line Dimension Subject Line of this notification subject_line


This view is part of the following explores:

  • Email & SMS Campaign Performance Details

Transformation Code

This view is a part of the Daasity Unified Notification Schema (UNS) that enables Daasity to combine different Email/SMS platforms into a single data model.

Growth & Pro support the following code:

  • [1020_UNS_BAS_KLAVIYO_campaigns.sql]
  • [1220_UNS_BAS_ATTENTIVE_campaigns.sql]

Pro also supports the following code if the optional code is enabled:

  • [1120_UNS_BAS_RETENTION_SCIENCE_campaigns.sql]
  • [1320_UNS_BAS_ITERABLE_campaigns.sql]
  • [1320_UNS_BAS_OMETRIA_campaigns.sql]
  • [1316_UNS_BAS_SAILTHRU_campaigns.sql]