View: Return Lines

This article will help you learn about the fields available in the Return Lines view, the field types, descriptions and how the fields are calculated

Key Topics

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View Definition

This view is linked to the [drp.loop_return_lines] table which generated as part of the Daasity transformation process and has the following fields available/visible for use.


Field Name Field Type Description Source / Calculation
Shopify Line Item ID Dimension The ID for the Line in Shopify that was returned shopify_line_item_id
Shopify Product ID Dimension The Product ID from Shopify shopify_product_id
Shopify Variant ID Dimension The ID of the Product Variant in Shopify shopify_variant_id
Parent Return Reason Dimension The first level reason why the product was returned parent_return_reason
Return Reason Dimension The second level (detail) reason the product was returned return_reason
SKU Dimension The SKU that was returned sku
Variant Name Dimension The name of the variant that was returned title
Return - Discount Amount Measure The discount amount that was part of the return COALESCE(SUM(discount ), 0)
Return - Product Amount Measure The product amount that was returned COALESCE(SUM(price), 0)
Return - Refund Amount Measure The total amount refunded COALESCE(SUM(refund), 0)
Return - Tax Amount Measure The tax amount that was returned COALESCE(SUM(tax), 0)
Return - Total Amount Measure The total amount of the return which is the Product Returned + Tax Returned - Discount Returned COALESCE(SUM(price + tax - discount), 0)
Return Rate Measure The total items returned / the number of valid items in the original order 1.00 * COALESCE(SUM(quantity ), 0) / NULLIF(COALESCE(SUM(CASE WHEN order_line_revenue.valid_order_flag_daasity = TRUE THEN order_line_revenue.num_feature_items ELSE 0 END ), 0), 0)
Total Items Returned Measure The total number of items (products) that were returned COUNT(DISTINCT(return_line_id))
Total Units Returned Measure The total numbers of units returned COALESCE(SUM(quantity ), 0)


This view is part of the following explores:

  • Loop Returns

Transformation Code

This view is a Daasity derived table generated by the following code:

  • [4330_RET_BAS_loop_return_lines.sql]