View: SKU Attributes

This article will help you learn about the fields available in the SKU Attributes view, the field types, descriptions and how the fields are calculated

Key Topics

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View Definition

This view is linked to the [drp.sku_attributes] table which generated as part of the Daasity transformation process and has the following fields available/visible for use.


Field Name Field Type Description Source / Calculation
Barcode Dimension Barcode of the product barcode
Country of Origin Dimension Product country of origin country_of_origin
Image Dimension Image of the product in the store image_url
Image Position Dimension URL of image in the store image_url
Image URL Dimension Position of the image on the page image_position
Product Name Dimension Name of the product product_name
Product Tags Dimension Tags assigned to the product product_tags
Product Type Dimension Product hierarchy product_type
SKU Dimension SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) - unique identifier for the specific item sku
Variant Name Dimension Name of the product variant variant_name
Vendor Name Dimension Vendor supplying the product vendor_name


This view is part of the following explores:

  • Current Inventory Levels
  • Order & Order Line Revenue
  • SKU Level Repurchase Rates
  • Shipstation
  • Hourly Shopify

Transformation Code

This view is a Daasity derived table generated by the following code:

  • [6510_PLN_BAS_sku_attributes.sql]