View: Subscription Churn Time Series

This article will help you learn about the fields available in the Subscription Churn Time Series view, the field types, descriptions and how the fields are calculated

Key Topics

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WARNING: This view is only available to accounts that have Recharge installed

View Definition

This view is linked to the [drp.subscription_churn_tob] table which generated as part of the Daasity transformation process and has the following fields available/visible for use.


Field Name Field Type Description Source / Description
Subscription Begin Date Dimension Group Date the subscription was started sub_start_date
Subscription End Date Dimension Group Date the subscription was cancelled sub_end_date
Churn Flag Dimension Did customer churn? CASE WHEN churn_flag = 1 THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE END
Product ID Dimension Product ID from Recharge shopify_product_id
Shop ID Dimension Shopify shop ID shop_id
Subscriber ID Dimension The Subscriber ID from Recharge recharge_customer_id
Subscription ID Dimension Subscription ID from Recharge recharge_subscription_id
Months Since First Purchase Dimension Indicates the number of 30 day buckets from the subscription start date - Time on Books (TOB) tob
Product Title Dimension Name of product subscribed to product_title
SKU Dimension SKU of product subscribed to sku
Count Churned Subscriptions Measure Total count of churns by unique subscription IDs COUNT(DISTINCT CASE WHEN ( CASE WHEN churn_flag = 1 THEN TRUE ELSE FALSE END ) = 1 THEN recharge_subscription_id ELSE NULL END )
Count Subscriptions Measure Total count of unique subscription IDs COUNT(DISTINCT recharge_subscription_id)


This view is part of the following explores:

  • Subscription Churn Time Series

Transformation Code

This view is a Daasity derived table generated by the following code:

  • [4830_SUB_BAS_subscription_churn_time_series.sql]