View: Intermediary DRP Table(s): drp.order_channel_influencer_discount_code

Source Database Table


Script that Populates Database Table


Script Description and Logic

Pulls order-related fields and discount codes for all orders with influencer derived discount codes. All discount codes and influencers in the primary source table, bsd.influencers, are included and reported by unique order id and discount code combination. From influencers, a lookup is performed to pull a list of influencer discount codes and stored as influencer_codes. Next order_discount_codes is joined to influencer_codes to generate a list of orders that used discount codes derived from social media influencers tracked in the BSD and then sequenced in preparation for removal of duplicates. The resulting table is stored as rows_deduped. Rows_deduped is then inserted into drp_staging.order_channel_influencer_discount_code. All records are removed from the final table, drp.order_channel_influencer_discount_code, and updated by way of insertion from the query (upsert). An additional insert into drp_staging.order_channel_source is then performed for use in later processes.

Source Tables Used In Script

Schema Table (or Derived Table) Name Table Type Purpose
uos order_discount_codes database Primary
bsd influencers database Lookup
uos orders database Lookup
drp integration_mapping database Ensure unique records
drp_staging order_channel_influencer_discount_code database Pre-insert
N/A influencer_codes derived Pulls a list of discount codes and social media influencers from BSD
N/A rows_deduped derived Generates a list of orders that used discount codes derived from social media influencers, removes duplicate records

SQL Flow



Calculated and Derived Fields

Target Column Target Column Data Type Source schema.table Source Column Transformation/Logic
order_channel_id CHAR uos.order_discount_codes __shop_id, order_id Combination of __shop_id, order_id and a text label of influencer discount code to identify records


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