View: sku_performance

Source Tables Used In Script

Schema Table (or Derived Table) Name Table Type Purpose
drp order_line_revenue database Primary
drp order_busuiness_unit database Lookup
drp sku_launch_date database Lookup
drp calendar database Lookup
drp_staging sku_combinations database Rollup of order_line_revenue and order_business_unit to find unique combinations of sku and store
drp_staging sku_sales database Rollup sku sales by unique store, sku and order date
drp_staging sku_dates database Holds sku_performance_date
drp_staging sku_performance database Pre-insert
N/A first_order_date derived Obtain the first date an order was made in a store
N/A sku_performance_date derived Obtain a list of skus for every date from the sku's first order date

SQL Flow

Calculated and Derived Fields

Target Column Target Column Data Type Source schema.table Source Column Transformation/Logic
days_since_launch INT drp.sku_launch_date sku_launch_date difference in days between sku_launch_date and current date
product_sales_amount DECIMAL drp.order_line_revenue product_sales_amount SUM(product_sales_amount) by each unique store, sku and date combination
paid_units INT drp.order_line_revenue num_feature_items SUM(num_featured_items) by each unique store, sku and date combination
total_units INT drp.order_line_revenue num_units SUM(num_units) by each unique store, sku and date combination


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