View: Google Analytics - Email/SMS Sessions

This article will help you learn about the fields available in the Google Analytics - Email/SMS Sessions view, the field types, descriptions and how the fields are calculated

Key Topics

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View Definition

NOTE: This View is only available to merchants with the Pro version of Daasity who have enabled the optional transformation code

This view is linked to the [drp.notification_campaign_sessions] table which generated as part of the Daasity transformation process and has the following fields available/visible for use.


Field Name Field Type Description Source / Calculation
Visit Date Dimension Group The date the Email/SMS click created a Website visit created_on
Total Sessions Measure Total sessions on the day & campaign level SUM(sessions)


This view is part of the following explores:

  • Notifications Campaign Performance Details

Transformation Code

This view is a Daasity derived table generated by the following optional code:

  • [7090_NTF_BAS_notification_campaign_sessions.sql]