Workflows: Creating A Custom Workflow

The Custom Workflow feature allows you to create your own workflows by choosing the Integrations, Transformation Scripts and Schedule you want. You can test your workflows from the UI and see the current status of any workflows.

Below is a How-to-Video Tutorial on Creating a Custom Workflow. You can also visit our YouTube page to watch the video.

HubSpot Video

How to Create A Custom Workflow

  • Select the Integrations for your Workflow
  • Choose the Script Manifest File for your Workflow
  • Schedule your Workflow
  • Test Your Workflow
  • Run Your Workflow to Production

1. Navigate to Workflows in your Daasity toolbar

2. Click "Add Workflow"

3. Name the Workflow and Set the Parameters.


Choose the Integrations for your Workflow


Choose the Script Manifest File for your Workflow

NOTE: You will ONLY be able to RUN your Workflow in Production if the Branch and Manifest File are in Production.

You can Set your Manifest File and Branch in Test Environment and Test your Workflow - Before - Running in Production.

4. Schedule Your Workflow

NOTE: You can Schedule your Workflow to run on Specific Days, Every Day OR After One or More OTHER Workflows are completed

If you choose to Run your Workflow AFTER One or More Workflows Complete - You can Choose to Continue Your Workflow on Failure or Not.