Yotpo Dashboard

Daasity's Yotpo integration comes with a dashboard designed to provide effortless insight into your best and worst products, according to your customers.

Summary Metrics

The top row contains four quantitative metrics about your reviews:

  1. Review to Order Percent: the total number of reviews your brand has divided by the total orders you have processed.
  2. Average Rating: out of 5 stars, what is the average rating across all reviews from your customers. 1 is the worst and 5 is the best.
  3. Average Sentiment: this is a measurement done within the Yotpo platform using key words and phrases to measure the positive or negative tone of reviews. 0 is the most negative and 1 is the most positive.
  4. Review Count: Total number of reviews received across all products.

Top 10 Products

The next section looks at your top products by multiple dimensions.

The top 2 charts illustrate the Top 10 Products Sold and how your customers review them.

The chart on the left shows the number of reviews by product, with larger bubbles representing more reviews. The placement on the chart represents the average review score for that product. Products with no reviews fall on the zero line.

Yotpo Dashboard

The right hand side lists out the products by total sold, the average rating and the sentiment. This allows you to quickly determine if there are high-volume products that are not meeting customer expectations that may need to be address. Knowing the highest rated products can also guide product promotion strategy.

The middle section illustrates the Top 10 Most Reviewed Products. This tells you which products your customers are most passionate about, and it may be quite a different list than the top products sold.

Yotpo Dashboard - Reviewed Products

Similar to the previous section, the left chart is based on review rating and volume of reviews. Your goal should be to have a chart similar to the example with all of the bubbles towards the top of the chart, which represents a 5-star rating.

The last set of charts for this area show the 10 Bottom Rated Products. These are products that require attention. There are many reasons that customers may give poor ratings, there could be product defects or the product simply isn't meeting expectations. These reviews should be investigated to see if there are truly issues that may need to be addressed.