Explore: Daily Company Metrics

This article will help you learn about the views that make the Daily Company Metrics explore, what types of questions you should answer with this explore and the reports that have been built using this explore

Key Topics

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Explore Definition

This explore is a daily summary of the key sales measures for each order source (Shopify, Amazon and Brand Supplied Data) and a roll-up of all three sources.

This explore is the ideal place to track daily performance or by using the Calendar to compare sales performance across different time periods.



This explore is made up of the following views with Daily Company Metrics as the FROM view:

View Join Type Relationship Join SQL
0 - Daily Company Metrics N/A N/A N/A
1 - Calendar Left Outer One to One daily_company_metrics.calendar_date = retail_calendar.calendar_date


All the reports that use this explore:

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